About This EP

I released Disorientation Man 10 months after my first EP Dizzying Heights. Dizzying Heights hadn’t really reached a wider audience than my friends and family and I was antsy to release something new to see if I could find a wider audience. So I wrote Disorientation Man and tried my best to do a promotional campaign— mostly just cold emailing as many writers as I could find.

Miraculously, I got my first big coverage a few months after the album was released— I was written up by Indie Shuffle for the song Somehow, Someday, Everything Becomes Something Else. I got something like 15,000 plays on Soundcloud from the write up and my mind was blown! Then a video company paid $400 to license Strangeness for their reel— crazy!

Violence Came For Us is meant to evoke violent, apocalyptic feelings. I’ve since written songs with a similar vibe (A Hammer Fell From the Sky and Exploding Boy) but this one remains my favourite.

Unsung Love Songs and Alive in the Mind Of Another were originally written as one song— but I ended up separating them after thinking that Alive in the Mind of Another would get missed if it was just the end of a song. (I know, you’re not supposed to say this about your own music but I’ve always loved Alive in the Mind of Another. It still makes me emotional when I listen to it.)

Somehow, Someday, Everything Becomes Something Else was inspired by graffiti art in downtown Vancouver that was just the song title in big bold letters. (There’s actually lots of references to Vancouver in this song!)

Strangeness started as a poem I wrote and then later put it to music. I was listening to Alice by Tom Waits at the time and I think I took heavy inspiration from his lyrics— specifically the portions about falling through ice :D

Note: Disorientation Man is not on Spotify or Apple Music.