About This EP

I’ll always be fond of this album— it was the first music I ever released and it took some courage for me to put it out there. I had been writing music since I was a kid but it wasn’t until I was 25 that I released Dizzying Heights. It was written and recorded in my bedroom and mixed by my friend Marcus Retterath.

When I listen to the first song (Dizzying Heights) I hear so many things I would change! The vocals are mumble-y, there’s hardly any percussion or bass and the entire song is too slow. But I do love that I’m stretching for things that are out of my reach— I’m clearly reaching for something epic by the end of the song :D

My most favourite moment on the EP is Come Around when I sing about feeling stable and connected. To me it sounds very earnest and sweet.

Note: Dizzying Heights is not on Spotify or Apple Music.


Dizzying Heights

Markets all collapsed
On the day the lander detached
Pent-up nervous hearts
The earth shook like it was clairvoyant

Nerves have awful thoughts
In the vacuum, quiet, cold
Where I see for miles
And I’m so far from everyone I know

Dizzying scope and scale
I’m up in the heavens
Gagging heights
My body shakes like I’d seen a ghost

When I was a boy
We walked through the graveyard
I would whistle
So you wouldn’t think that I was scared

Unique Among Generations

Woke at the end of the century
From a violent dream
We were hesitant in our love
Always careless with affections

Shoehorn me into history
A passing thought
I don’t wanna be over love
Will you stay awake
With me and say
that we’re unique among generations

Dreamt you were dancing drunk
On the countertop
Oh and you yelled at me
Don’t you dare
Talk down to me
While I’m all the way
Up here

Come Around

On our back, in your parents front yard
Airplane lines crisscross the sky
Your soft hands make a thousand gestures
You’re so patient with listening,
to my complaints about how
the world makes no sense

And you may just roll your eyes
when I tell you this but I
appreciate your patience

I will come around
I will come around

How the hours slip through our hands
And your Mom tells us to come inside
easy smiles, our slow departure.
You have told me you feel cold
In the mirror in your home
When you stare your body down
And you concede distortions too:
always too round and too dull
But you’ve never seen a mirror right

You will come around
You will come around

In this world,
there is cunning,
there is guile,
there is sighs,
there is neglect,
there is sadness,
and yes we're
well versed in this
But I feel generous,
I feel loving,
I feel stable,
I feel connected,
I feel time is,
a firm father,
gently reminding us
that seasons change
and our hearts together
will know the slow burn of a life lived well