About This Song

I’m not sure what’s next in life. I know I need to change. I need to do something different. I’m tired of my job. I need something new. I’m just not sure what to do next.

When I was 22, I felt certain about what I wanted. Now I'm 32 and I feel uncertain. I feel myself trying new identities and stories to see what fits but it feels make-believe. I'm stuck in an in-between place.

The world always has answers for finding purpose— make money!! be ambitious in your job!! go!! do!!— but those answers feel empty. I know the world can’t provide me purpose. I know it has to come from within. But I’m impatient. In this song I’m trying to remind myself to keep faith. Things resolve in time. Something new will come. Give it space to emerge. A new story will begin soon.


I keep spinning around like it’s all been a dream
Circle through the past to see what I've been
Oh north star has the fog hidden you from me?
Have you been witness to me falling asleep?

The world’s been playing a trick on me
Telling me stories I don't believe
Givin’ me things that I do not need
Desires are dangled in front of me
I’m been swinging from tree to tree
Trying to be what I cannot be
Looking for a new way to be myself
Something new or anything else

I keep trying stories to see how they feel
Lookin’ for some make believe to connect to the real
Oh crystal ball when did you stop showing ahead? 
When did my future drift into the unknown?

Ambition is such a silly thing 
Something not to be trapped within
Steve get up and move again
Change will help you understand
Forget what it is you think know  
Who the hell ever told you so
Cause if you gonna trample your flowers man
Just know you won't stop the spring

Tell me Steve is this true? 
Cause if not, it’s not for you
You been talking lots of good talk
But you ain’t done nothing new!

Tell me Steve is it time?
For rebirth?
Something new?
I have heard you talk of changing
But you ain't done nothing yet!

And look: man, you could always rest too. 
Don’t have to fight through. 
A new story will come to you.