About This Song

Restless Wind was the first time I worked with Stephen James Kerr— my producer and collaborator for everything after this release.

The song is really in two sections. The first section is trying to evoke something quiet, sad and mysterious about the natural world. The second section is a story I have in my head about someone’s first experience with shame: a child is in bed but can hear adults downstairs talking and laughing. The child decides to sneak downstairs to see what’s happening but the adults catch him and send him back up upstairs— making the child embarrassed and ashamed.


The tectonic,
spinning planet
pushed mountains past the treeline
black murder of a quiet cold
in the basement of your valley home

Wait I'll lean against a quiet breeze
let loose prayers against a tragedy
so restless winds can carry them home

Generous mother
grateful father
what stories have been passed to me?
Wide awake following false trails
the places, so far from home

Hey I'll stand up in a quiet breeze
let loose prayers against a tragedy
so restless winds will carry them home

You get up and out of bed
Follow grown-up midnight voices
Explosion of laughter somewhere
Like releasing a long-held valve
Your tiny footsteps stop short
As you peak around the corner
They call to you by your wrong name
The air goes out your lungs, face red, my god.
Oh my god, my god, my god.