About This Song

This song is about feeling at home in the world. The mysteries of life are cause for wonder and God is a dancer reminding me that it’s all good. Hope you like it 😊.


The dancing God dangles thousands of mysteries 
Like mobile birds overhead in a nursery
When I was young I was shaped to remember
To always find my way back home 

Sarah opens the bedroom curtains
A thousand lights dance across the room 
I drew a map in pen on my forearm
To always find my way back home 

The God of dance she came to me
Said “Life is not a cruel dream
Not some trick of mind to see
Not some sensory fantasy” 
So I got on some heaven shit
Climbed up on the storage bin
Did what I did when I was as a kid
Reached for what was dangling
I said:

“Don’t, don’t let me go,
Oh gravitational pull
Please keep me close
Tethered to home “

“Cause all that I know
In my subterranean soul
Is not made of stone
It’s raw and unformed.”